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“Since there is never a time when worldly activities come to an end, limit your activities and practice contentment.

Since you will definitely have to depart from this world and body without the wealth you have accumulated, do not accumulate negativity for the sake of wealth.” 

Atisha, “Advice from the heart”

With my monk friend and classmate Manfred :)

«Because we may think, “I’m not going to die for some time, I’m not going to die for some time,” 

While you’re distracted by the never-ending activities of this life,

Suddenly the fearful Lord of Death arrives,

Announcing, “Now it’s time to die.”

— This is going to happen to you!

Though you make arrangements, saying “tomorrow” and “tomorrow,”

Just then, suddenly, you have to go.

— This is going to happen to you!

And without choice, leaving behind in disarray

Your left-off work, left food and drink, you have to depart.

— This is going to happen to you!»

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Bring more peace into your life. Society pushes us to live faster, to be more productive, to be more efficient, but in the process peace is forgotten. Maintaining a sense of peace needs to be at the top of our list - our priority. From a position of greater peace, you offer the world so much more…

View over lake Geneva in Swiss Alps at Rabten Choeling – Centre for Higher Tibetan Studies, Mont Pelerin.

"Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness. " ….

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In Tashi Rabten, Medicine Buddha Prayer

If you don’t’ go within, you go without ;)

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If you don’t go within, you go without …

If you don’t go within, you go without …

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Dharma teachings in Bucharest. Event!

If you are in Bucharest (Romania), during 17. – 18. May I kindly invite you to the following event:

17. – 18. May

Bucharest, Romania
Saturday, 9:30 am
Sunday, 5:00 pm
Buddhist Philosophy and Western Science
Gelong Jampa Lungtog
Western science as well as Buddhist philosophy aim at gaining an ultimate understanding of reality. A comparison of precision, depth, and effect of the knowledge gained in the fields of matter, mind, time, space and energy will be attempted.
The Venerable Jampa Lungtog is one of the most senior Western Buddhist monks and holds a degree in computer engineering.

Short CV of the speaker:

1954 Helmut Gassner was born in Bregenz (Austria)
1972 he completed secondary school in Bregenz
1976 he graduated as an electrical engineer at the ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
1977 he began his studies of Tibetan language at the Buddhist monastery at the Lake Geneva with Gesche Rabten Rinpotsche
He worked as an interpreter for important Lamas, among them H.H. the Dalai Lama (1979-1995)
1981 opening of the “Letzehof” as a Buddhist monastery

… and he is continuing to study Buddhism and to work as an interpreter.

Seeds for Happiness

Tashi Rabten Monatery, AustriaSeeds for HappinessJampa_Lungtogb22756dalailama-hg2_smallv3-poster-buddhism-science

New Discovery  Tibetan Rap Music by Shapaley - ཤ་བག་ལེབ། Wanna learn the Alphabet through music ?