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New Discovery  Tibetan Rap Music by Shapaley - ཤ་བག་ལེབ། Wanna learn the Alphabet through music ? 

"Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is being perfect and perfection doesn’t have limits. Everything that limits us we have to put aside…"

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull " is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard /read until now :)
It´s a must, take your time to listen or read the short story!

You can also read the story here:

Even thought we are all looking for happiness and to avoid suffering we are running towards the causes for our current and future sufferings as if it were like a good friend. On the other hand, in search of happiness, we are running away from the real causes for our current and future happiness as if it were our worst enemy. Without not knowing what actually brings happiness for ourselves and others we spend most of our time looking in wrong directions …. 

We may have few possessions but if we are content, we will feel rich. No matter how rich we are, if we aren’t satisfied, we will always feel poor. Contentment is one of the ingredients of happiness…
We may have few possessions but if we are content, we will feel rich. No matter how rich we are, if we aren’t satisfied, we will always feel poor. Contentment is one of the ingredients of happiness…

Miracles are just a shift in perception from fear to love! 

LESS THAN 17 HOURS LEFT to show your support!

Dear all,

LESS THAN 40 HOURS LEFT to show your support!

I need your help one last time before the end of the campaign  :) Just feel free to forward the campaign to few other friends you might know interested! 

For those who plan to make a contribution, now it’s the best moment! 

I´ve learned a lot during this time.. and now I feel to take a long internet break so I can can focus more on my studies! Fundraising it´s not easy, it takes a lot of time and energy, that´s for sure :)

Thank you so much for everything! Remember: you are not only helping a young man accomplish his studies, but you are also wishing for a better world, for continued wisdom and awakening!

Everyone remembers the good you do, even when you forget it. 

Everyone remembers the good you do, even when you forget it. 


Cool, I just got featured in CrowdfundingPR

In search of lasting happiness, Romanian-born man seeks funds to continue Dharma studies in Austria.

thank you!

— When 27-year-old Vlad from Romania moved to Austria four months ago to study Dharma at one of Europe’s first Buddhist centers, he arrived with money saved for his expenses and a mission to become a better person and a benefit to society. Now, as he progresses deeper into his studies, he is in need for further funding to meet his basic necessities and set up acrowdfunding campaign ending February 3.


Vlad’s life began to change after the 2011 tsunami in Japan. While questioning the meaning of life, Vlad reached out to Seeds for Happiness, a spiritual center in Bucharest. Without a fully developed Buddhist program with qualified teachers and Tibetan language instruction, Romania seemed to be a dead end for Vlad’s new spiritual hunger. That is what led him to Austria.

Life in Austria being more expensive that living expenses in Romania, paying for basic expenses – like food and accommodation – has proven to be a challenge for the funds Vlad prepared while working and saving in Romania. “All of my courses of study at the Buddhist Centers are free,” said Vlad. “I am only looking to pay for my simple necessities.” Funds that exceed his goal of raising €10,000 will be applied to future necessities during his years of study.

Vlad class'mates

Covering various facets of Tibetan Buddhism, Vlad’s program of study encompasses disciplines like psychology, philosophy, ethics, logic, and meditation. “I wanted to study Dharma so I can become a better person,” said Vlad. “I want to be a benefit to society through the enabling of others’ happiness.” Vlad has begun learning Tibetan language and attends classes with monks of various nationalities as well as other novice students like him.

After completing his studies at the center, Vlad aims to share the wisdom and knowledge with others, when he returns to Romania. He intends to set up a center for Buddhist studies in his country, translating Tibetan texts into Romanian language, organizing teachings and other events with Tibetan Masters and so on!

Supporters of Vlad’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will receive rewards based on their level of giving, although giving of any amount – and sharing Vlad’s YouTube video – is appreciated. Starting at the €10 level, supporters receive Tibetan Up-to-Date language learning software. At the €20 level, supporters receive a hand-written postcard as well as a “thank you” video on email or Skype. Those contributing €25 receive a Wholesome Sound Mantra CD. At the €30 level, supporters receive a book about meditation called “Meditation and Daily Life” while at the €50 level, supporters receive both a documentary about monastic life as well as a CD of chanted recitations.

Supporters giving €60 receive a youth and Buddhism documentary with ongoing episodes to follow. At the €70 level, supporters receive a set of prayer flags believed to bless their surroundings. Those giving €90 receive an Indiegogo page to promote their own project with a professional HTML5 web site and custom domain name lasting one year. At the €200 level, supporters can arrange to stay a weekend at the monastery with food and accommodation from Vlad. Finally, with a €500 donation, supporters become a “Bodhisattva,” a person living in the spirit of benefiting others, and can choose from any of the aforementioned rewards.

You too can be a part of this young man’s wonderful journey to finding answers by visiting his campaign page or contributing here

This is the first time ever he says that he’s reaching out to the public for help as he feels the strong call to advance with his studies. He says, “You are not only helping a young man accomplish his studies, but you are also wishing for a better world, for continued wisdom and awakening!”

Sweet blog, brother! Followed :D
renaissance-vlad renaissance-vlad Said:

Hehe, thanks a bot buddhy :) Keep in touch! 

Hi dears,

Some friends ask me what is a center of Tibetan studies? What and how we learn here during a day?! I decided to share briefly about his :)

A Tibetan-Buddhist center focuses to preserve and transmit the tradition in its living and authentic form, in this way the mind is subjected to a positive complete transformation. The study program includes various aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, like Philosophy, Psychology, Meditation, Logic, Ethics, Right Conduct, Right View, and so on. Our daily prayers in the temple have a role in this process.

For a profound and precise understanding of the important treatises on the above mentioned topics a good knowledge of the Tibetan language is indispensable.

A day program is summarized as follows: 8:00 AM we take breakfast and then between 8:30 and 9:15 we go in the temple for morning prayers. After 9:30 until 12:00 we join forclass with other students and young monks. During this time we have a Czech teacher, who is also a monk. He is very patient with us.

At 12:00 the bell rings for lunch, we eat than help in the kitchen and is already 13:00 PM.Between 13:00 and 14:30 we have break, but usually there are many other community responsibilities to deal with. Around 14:00, we meet again for class and between 16:00 and 18:00 we go to the temple to witness the philosophical debates held by monks.During this time sometimes we recite sacred texts and practice what we learned in the morning.

Between 18:00 and 18:45 we go for evening prayers, then at 19:00 we go for dinner.After 20:00 the program is free, but the time is often used to study or involved in other practices such as chanting mantras, community responsibilities, go around the Stupa and so on.

This program is held almost daily, with some exceptions, such as Monday and Sunday when we have free day, or when we do puja rituals all day…

All, who are interested in Buddhism and the Tibetan culture are welcome to visit the center, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to participate in the daily life of the center, to receive blessings of masters or just to spend a peaceful time.

More details here:

Dear friends,

I wonder if everything is possible for those who believe?! I am surprised and humbled, please check some late and surprising news for everybody involved in this campaign! I am speechless! What else can we say? :)

Story and motivation here:

View the infopraphic online:

thank you and keep in touch, I will keep you posted :)
renaissance vlad

Hi, don’t start your new week until you read this : 

Don’t say to others, “Believe in yourself,” say “I believe in you.” 
Don’t say, “You can do it,” say, “I will help you with that” 
Don’t say, “Your success is up to you,” say “I think you have what it takes to be successful” and then offer your guidance.

Remember : Happiness comes when focusing on the happiness of others A part of learning to love yourself is realizing you have so much to give to others…

Dear ones,

More good news for this remaining days of fundraising project. My campaign has been featured on Life Beyond inspiring blog. If you’re interested to find inspiring stories across the world, just check them out ! Big thanks goes to Mr. Syed Muksit and to Mr. Vikram Dutta for this wonderful opportunity. 

Here is an extract from the blog article: 

" In the 1999 movie – Fight Club, Brad Pitt in the awesome character of Tyler Durden says these very powerful lines, “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.”

And indeed, if we come to think of it we all are fighting a war with ourselves. We are in search of some fundamental answers to questions like who we are and what the purpose of our existence is. Every time a major natural calamity happens or a group of individuals bomb a public place in the name of justice, freedom or religion, we find ourselves a bit deeper into the realization of the fact that how impermanent and precious our living days are.

In our conversation with Vlad, he tells us why is doing what he is doing now and what prompted him to be in this journey to study Dharma.” 

Don’t miss to read the whole article here: and looking forward for your comments. 

Lovely story about a young man wanting to learn Tibetan Buddhism and share its wisdom in his country! Is your New Year’s Resolution to be happier? The way to happiness could be in the service of the happiness of others: